5KM charity fun run for

Freightliners City Farm

The battle of the biggest beasts in our farmyard returns four its 4th Year as part of the Big Freightliners Fundraiser 2018. You can join the herd of people dressed as cows and pigs running through Islington to raise money for Freightliners City Farm.

Choose a team, collect your animal onesie, get fundraising…. and run, walk, oink or moo your way to the finish line.


This year we're looking for 10 teams of 4-8 people from businesses or clubs to take on the challenge and raise £1000 (or more) each.  That's at least £10,000 towards the Big Freightliners Farm Fundraiser target of £50,000:

  • £30,000 us to help feed and house the animals and maintain the farm as free and open access six days a week.

  • £10,000 to renovate the farm learning space and provide free drop in holiday activities fort his year

  • £10,000 to extend the farms reach with new therapeutics and learning activities

1 ... Choose Cow or Pig

2 ... Raise over £100

3 ... Run 5 KM

Cow - and PIg
00:00 / 00:00
  • Best dressed cow

  • Best dressed pig

  • Highest fundraising cow

  • Highest fundraising pig



The Battle

When the mooing and oinking is over, the cows and pigs of Freightliners City Farm will go home the best of friends

Best friends

Which team will raise the most money for the farm. Will it be the COWS or the PIGS?


Let battle commence......

2017 fun run partners:

"We are chuffed to be supporting such a wonderful event and can’t wait to see the cows and pigs taking over the city. Count us into any day that brings a little bit of the paddock to the big city, just like The Collective’s great dairy."